Photography and responsibility

Eduardo Condor Ramos William Albert Allard

Eduardo Ramos with his dead sheep, Puno, Peru, 1981 Photograph by William Albert Allard

Growing up, I was always interested in photography. I read photography books that suggested equipment I didn’t have and didn’t have any chance to obtain. I used my simple Smena 8m to make the most out of my desire to take pictures. A great part of my allowance went toward commercial developing of my cheap b&w rolls. My love for photography was mostly unrequited.

But this picture of the little Peruvian shepard boy by William Albert Allard shook my world and gave me the inspiration to follow my dream. While in Peru on assignment, Allard saw a boy, inconsolable because a taxi had killed a couple of his sheep. The photo generated a huge response when it was published n the National Geographic in 1985. American readers donated money to replace the sheep and fund the local school. Continue reading