Disappeared and back again

Toy camera fans, did you hear the news? The Holga is back.

One of the first posts on this blog, seven years ago, was about a roll of Kodachrome. As Kodak was discontinuing the production of its legendary film, the last lab capable of developing its unique process was ending its work, too. So I caught the chance and shot one roll of Kodachrome myself.

That last roll was actually also my first. While for most everyone else the pull of the film was nostalgia, for me it was something I could only define as second-hand nostalgia. I didn’t have access to Kodachrome while growing up, of course, but experienced its allure as part of the allure of the American dream – yet when I was able to access it, the dream had changed. Continue reading

Kodachrome Americana

I missed the Kodachrome mystique growing up in Bulgaria. It simply wasn’t available there. But when I learned about its discontinuation last year, it became supremely important for me to have it. Besides its exceptional qualities, shooting Kodachrome was part of the full fledged American experience which I would join.

I got some rolls of Kodachrome film (expired, since production stopped in September of 2009) and decided to shoot images that speak directly of the notion of Americana. Landscapes, old neighborhoods, whimsical traditions. I was in a creative rush, as the only lab in the world that processed it was going to stop accepting Kodachrome in late 2010. Continue reading