The Haunted Archive


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An exhibition that has been in the works for several months is opening on March 1 at the Fort Worth Community Art Center in Fort Worth, TX. The Haunted Archive is an exhibition of post-photography, curated by me and featuring photographs, paintings, collages and installations by eight artists, based throughout the United States.

It includes works by Rachel Black, Kimberly Chiaris, Angela Johnson, Priya Suresh Kambli, Devon Nowlin, elin o’Hara slavick, JP Terlizzi and Melanie Walker.

This exhibition explores the vernacular family photograph as a visual, emotional and social topos. A group of artists working in the mediums of photography, collage, painting, sculpture and installation take on a variety of approaches to family snapshots and portraits. They rework them to poke, provoke and establish a dialog with the original vernacular images; they mine a past reality in which the photographic evidence of existence is a haunted, living and reacting archive of memories. The exhibition comes from the understanding that, even after family photographs have been taken, printed and arranged in a material system of visual record keeping, the reality they have captured is a burgeoning repository that continues to evolve in the minds of those it is intended for: its viewers.

Through the interpretation by artists, the exhibition offers an understanding of the vernacular family photograph as an aesthetic entity and emotional attachment. It gives a glimpse into today’s heightened popularity of an object that is ironically losing ground in its mass production. Its goal is to offer a new interpretation of the aesthetic and social value of the family picture and show the tension through which it is viewed now.
Full information can be found on the website:

Fort Worth Community Art Center
Opening reception: Friday, March 1, 2019, 6-9PM
Spring Gallery Night: Saturday, March 30, 2019, 6-9PM
Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

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