Possible Convergences

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The 091 Projects/Rizzuto Gallery in Palermo, showed my work along with artist Stefania Fabrizzi. Titled Possible Convergences (June 31-July 14), the two-person exhibition was curated by Cristina Costanzo, an art scholar, critic and writer.

My work included in this show was from the portfolio Hidden Metrics ID. However, it ultimately made for a different exhibition because of the different format it has evolved in. Printed on lightweight silk fabric in large size, the photographs were exhibited hanging on protruding metal brackets that allowed for ripples and movement as the air around them moved. They reminded of curtains — the blank image of the world behind that we mentally project on them when they are drawn closed. But in this case, there was no window, only a blank white wall. I wanted this as a metaphor for the empty blankness of photographs that give an illusion of reality on a piece of paper.

Stefania Fabrizzi’s work was a series of small size images of fighters that ranged from the mythological to the pop culture avatars. Put together in an almost haphazard manner, they made evident the arbitrary nature of the image and the idea behind them. The dialog in juxtaposition of the two shows was really compelling.

The spacious white gallery in a historic building in downtown Palermo was exquisite. The opening was an exciting opportunity to be a part of the Palermo art scene that was reeling in excitement from Manifesta, the biennial traveling European art event happening in Palermo from June to November 2018. Palermo and Manifesta are a magical place – so thrilled to be part of this amazing process of transformation.

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