Recent and upcoming exhibitions

Archive of Abandoned Dreams, Gallery 1855, Davis, CA. Opening reception.

Archive of Abandoned Dreams, Gallery 1855, Davis, CA. February 2015

Well, it was a very eventful three months! Now that the semester is (almost) over and I am back up for air, here is what has been happening the meantime.

The series “Archive of Abandoned Dreams”  was shown for the first time in a solo exhibition at Gallery 1855 in Davis, CA and better yet, I had the chance to be at the opening thanks to a generous invitation by curator and artist Joe Finkleman. The UC Davis newspaper ran a great preview article about it. I was really honored by the interest and the inspiring conversations with all attendees who braved the rain to come to the reception. California is amazing and I am so glad to have met many great artists from the Davis area.

One of my mordançage images was included in “A Show of Hands”, an exhibition of photography and prints whose focus was the handmade image that defies the mechanical nature of reproduction based media. It showcased works by artists published in The Hand Magazine in the past few years and was held at A1ArtLab Gallery in Knoxville, TN in March. The exhibition was in conjunction with the SGCI Conference, the flagship printmakers’ conference in the country, so a lot of my printmaking friends saw it.

The f295 Symposium exhibition will include three of my pinhole images – yes, you haven’t heard of them because I just started working on the series in February. The symposium will be held at the University of Pittsburgh and the exhibition opening is on May 28, at the History of Art and Architecture Gallery.

Also in the future, the UNT Artspace Gallery in Dallas will host an exhibition of the proposals of the six CADD FUNd finalists from last fall. My contribution will consist of 4 new mordançage prints – I am currently at work on this series. Sneak preview: it will also be part of my MFA exhibition next year.

And finally, Shootapalooza! This is a force (think fireball) in photography that is yet to be reckoned with and I am so glad to be part of it. More to come in June, at the 5th anniversary exhibition of A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, TX.

Well, to celebrate the end of Spring 2015, a promise: the next post will appear shortly and will be dedicated to a series of intriguing 19th century photographs. They will be based on the construction of the first (arguably) mall of modern times and in an European city that will receive a lot of attention (and tourists) this summer!


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