Certo-phot in the field: what the camera gave back

So, if you’ve been curious to see what kind of pictures my vintage East German Certo-phot makes, here is a selection from my very first roll:

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The rundown: In a word, it has light leaks! Vignetting and blur along the edges to your heart’s delight. Also, very weird acutance – meaning, pretty blurry areas of low light but unexpectedly too contrasty in strong light. This results in an image heavily dominated by the light mood.

The differences from Holga: it has slightly more controls in terms of aperture and focus, so it’s more precise in this respect. No line distortions. Sturdier built. Definitely more German 🙂

My take: I will definitely be using this camera. Not just to reconnect to a past I almost didn’t get to experience when it was time, or as a substitute for Holga, but   I love working around the character of a camera, learning its quirks and finding the best visual outlet for them to shine and live a new life. That’s what vintage means to me.


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