The Bulgarian National Radio has a Third Eye

The Bulgarian National Radio (aka the Bulgarian version of NPR) aired an interview with me on the work of the Third Eye Photography Workshop yesterday. For a transcript on their website – in Bulgarian – just follow the link above.

In related news, I am at the seaside village of Ravda in Bulgaria where the first workshop in this summer’s series is taking place. It’s happening within a summer camp for Roma kids from Northwestern Bulgaria. We are very limited in terms of photographic material due to our location, but the kids are getting very creative with their modelling.

The most exciting thing so far? One of the teenagers from last year’s workshop is now a junior counselor in the camp! It was so great to see him again, especially in this capacity.


3 responses to “The Bulgarian National Radio has a Third Eye

  1. Sounds like a great project!

  2. Thanks, Zo 🙂 By the way, the exhibition will be in the fall, at the Red House in Sofia, in case you are there!

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