The lure of bromoil


In her shoes, 2012 @Ellie Ivanova

I recently had the chance to take a workshop in bromoil with Jill Skupin Burkholder, one of very few photographers in the world who works in this process today. By using a ready silver gelatin print, bleached and then inked with lithographic ink, bromoil is an antique process combining photography and drawing. The final image is not just the light that the lens lets through; it also needs the skill of the hand and the desire of the eye that add or take from the original print. So it is a great way to develop an intimate connection with your photo and discover what you have shot in a new way, since you have to repeatedly go over it with your brush and reevaluate it.

The dreaminess of bromoil works so well with the themes of my images that I hereby declare it my process as well  🙂


One response to “The lure of bromoil

  1. It looks like a great technique! I wasn’t aware of it and when i did a search on it, it looks much more complicated. But I love your image 🙂 Very dreamy indeed.

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