Handmade Pay it Forward

My friend Petya Kirilova is a writer and journalist/analyst who came to the US as a student and then singlehandedly developed the Bulgarian-immigrant-in-the-US experience theme. There wasn’t much public talk about that before, so we Bulgarians missed all potential fun stories of cultural misunderstandings and language mishaps. Besides that, she recently joined the Pay it Forward handmade quasi-movement, in which people make handmade stuff for (at least) 5 friends and foes. And of course, I believe in the importance of making things by hand in today’s highly industrialized way of existence. Petya is making something for me on the condition that, in return, I also handmake something – for you 🙂

Here is how it works:

I am very much looking forward to making 5 handmade images for the first 5 people to comment here. No computer will be involved in that, as I will print them by hand, so your choice is restricted to black & white. I would love to make 5 small prints of your choice among the black & white photographs of mine you see here or anywhere else. I’d recommend any of the recent holgascapes (or the old holgascapes).

In return, you promise to make something by hand for 5 other people. You don’t have to have a blog or write about it. Just think about something you are good at. And it can be small. Petya, for example, is making bookmarks.

The deadline for making your is the end of the year (2011), so you don’t have to worry about actually making it 🙂


3 responses to “Handmade Pay it Forward

  1. I would love to get a print of something square and black & white! And I promise to make something for 5 friends. 🙂 Will send you a personal message.

  2. I’d love a print and would be happy to make five things by hand for people this year! Fun idea!

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