Kodachrome Americana

I missed the Kodachrome mystique growing up in Bulgaria. It simply wasn’t available there. But when I learned about its discontinuation last year, it became supremely important for me to have it. Besides its exceptional qualities, shooting Kodachrome was part of the full fledged American experience which I would join.

I got some rolls of Kodachrome film (expired, since production stopped in September of 2009) and decided to shoot images that speak directly of the notion of Americana. Landscapes, old neighborhoods, whimsical traditions. I was in a creative rush, as the only lab in the world that processed it was going to stop accepting Kodachrome in late 2010.

There is a peculiar feeling when you use a medium that’s close to disappearing. There’s this sense of finality.The urge to treasure each frame and conserve your material. I was worried I was wasting the film with unimportant shots, just because I had to finish it on time, yet at the same time I was under pressure to produce something really deserving of preservation. Finally, I managed to send it to Kansas on the very last day of December! It took a month to get it processed. The lab was very, very busy with thousands of orders that also wanted to catch the last train.

I am so glad I could catch this piece of American culture 🙂 And as you can see, colors turned out just as beautiful and intense despite the expired film.


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