Jacob’s Reward Farm Holga Workshop

It is always a pleasure to be at Jacob’s Reward Farm in Parker, TX, Cindy’s realm that brings me back to my grandparents’ home (although they didn’t have alpacas). So going there for a Holga workshop was combining three pleasures in one: the farm, Holga and especially meeting new and old friends. And bringing them into the Holga cult 🙂

I was a little concerned about how the photos would turn out as the sky was stormy and the light was low. Holga is not very forgiving in low light situations, unless you are willing to experiment with your B setting or embrace the dark results of the embedded 1/125 normal speed. Also, wet grass would translate to dark on black & white film usually. But, hey, it’s also an occasion to try out Holga in a kind of weather that is typical for Texas, so it would be useful for the future.

Here is a gallery with all the pictures taken at the workshop, with no editing except generally brightening them a little bit. I am quite happy with how they turned out. For me, a couple of very good pictures per roll is a great rate of success. And I can see several styles. Some of you were looking for graphic effects with lines and shapes. Some of you were focusing on a story and interaction. Some were looking for that special atmosphere.

You’ll notice a couple of geese in the middle of the gallery. They are not from Jacob’s Reward, so don’t worry, it’s not a farm subject you’ve missed. On the way home, I wanted to finish the roll of film I had in the camera and stopped by White Rock Lake to catch the geese. Same weather, similar animals, a little different atmosphere.

In choosing my favorite pictures from the workshop, I vote for simplicity. My favorite ones are those with fewer objects on them, just because they are easier for the eye to follow and understand. This is not necessarily a rule, though. For example, you might actually be looking for a jumble of lines, when doing abstracts or with double exposure. When the pictures are on the darker side, however, simplicity helps a lot.

Looking forward to seeing your future Holga photos! Please keep in touch and let me know how Holga is working for you. Send me links to your Holga galleries, if you post your pictures online somewhere, or, if you prefer, by e-mail. I can even post them here, if it’s ok with you.


One response to “Jacob’s Reward Farm Holga Workshop

  1. Neat! Thanks Ellie for introducing Holga to us… I have ordered a camera and can’t wait to get started creating new things!

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