How to Holga. A workshop for Holga photography

Where: Dutch Art Gallery, 10233 East Northwest Hw, Dallas, TX

When: April 24, 2010, between 11am and 1pm


I will be leading a workshop showing how to use Holga, a toy camera with a plastic lens and unique low-fi features such as light leaks, vignetted corners and soft focus.In a high-tech digital age, when even the simplest camera phone can take sharp pictures, art photographers have turned to old photo techniques like film and forgotten low-tech tools like plastic toy cameras to create high-art with unusual appeal. The result is quirky images with a soul.

If you are interested in photography and eager to try out something forgotten and unusual, give Holga a try. Here are my own Holgascapes.

If interested, participants may purchase a Holga in advance ($27 from along with a roll of 120mm, ISO 400 film (black&white such as HP5 or color, e.g. Kodak Portra), however, this is not essential. Learn about this fun technique and see the results on this website.


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