Finding Her Voice at the Dutch Art Gallery

Who Does She Think She Is is a documentary that follows five females artists while looking for an answer to the question: If 80% of students in visual art schools are women, how come 80% of artists represented in museums and galleries and widely known in the real world are male? And most of the female artists who are indeed famous, like Georgia O’Keefe, didn’t have any children? The film finds that femaleness and especially motherhood are severe drawbacks when it comes to recognition in the arts. Female artists’ voices are not heard and not deemed authoritative enough; a woman usually has to make a choice between art and family.

The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas is hosting an exhibit, titled Finding Her Voice, dedicated to the artistic explorations of female artists. Ten of my photos, from the series Dreams and Memories, will be part of the exhibit (see the black & white photo on the announcement card above). The opening reception is on Sunday, April 11, at 1pm. The screening of Who Does She Think She Is starts at 2pm, followed by a discussion on women in the arts.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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