Snowy Christmas in Texas

Snowy Christmas in Texas – how improbable! However, this is the Christmas miracles we had this year. And a miracle that deserves to be documented.

The photos here were taken in Wise County, close to Decatur, as well as at Black Creek Lake in the LBJ Grassland.

Exposure is tricky when photographing snow landscapes because snow is so reflective. The snow in the picture above is snowy-white, while the one on the right has a bluish hue. My film wasn’t tungsten-balanced. But it behaved pretty well under the circumstances. The blue in the snow works great to show the reflected sky. It is practically a continuation of the sky, in shade, so the hue is ok with me. I used a polarized filter, which emphasized the intensity of the sky even more.

Sunset and snow in Texas brings out another contrast: the yellow of the prairie grass in winter.


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