When Kodak announced last summer that it was discontinuing its legendary Kodachrome film, I was determined I was going to own a piece of history… so I stocked up on some Kodachrome rolls before they were all gone. This is the first one I finished. Hope you enjoy the colors 🙂

I can’t sincerely mourn the loss of Kodachrome. I am not a technology sentimentalist. In fact, even if it were all about technology, many other color films that came later achieve comparable color accuracy and vibrancy.

But I am a historical and social sentimentalist and hope you allow me a little bit of “remember this” moment for something that I was not attached to in the first place. I learned that this amazing famous portrait of a girl was made with Kodachrome. And I heard for the first time this 70s song, Kodachrome, by Paul Simon, which resumes what color photography is about: “Kodachrome…  Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah!” Isn’t it all about photography’s ability to make the world a better place.

If you happen to have stocked up on some Kodachrome, make sure you use it until the end of 2010, because the only lab still processing it, Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas, it is planning to discontinue its work with it at that time.


3 responses to “Kodachrome

  1. WONDERFUL! Love the tiny moon peeking out

  2. luv your shots.

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