5th Annual Latina Art Show

The Fifth Annual Latina Art Show, organized by the Fort Worth chapter of the Hispanic Women Network of Texas, is an initiative to celebrate art and raise fund for promising high school seniors headed for college. HWNT has developed an year-long program to support college-bound high school students, aptly named Latinas in Progress (LIP), including workshops on writing skills, time management and introduction to the process of college application. The Art Show, which is already a tradition, culminates with an auction to sell the donated art for the benefit of these young women. If you are an artist, please consider donating a piece for this worthy cause.

My contribution to the show is the photo My Soul in a Basket. I chose it because of its connection to Sandra Cisneros and its closeness to this year’s theme, “Bare Your Sole”. This is not a typo; it is a metaphor that plays with the imaginative relationship of the words soul/sole. Besides the workshops and the year-long programming for LIP students, each of them will also receive a decorated shoe as an encouragement and inspiration in her endeavors.  The high heel shoe is a symbol of femininity and, at the same time, of the idea of “standing high” and “stepping up”.

The shoe I decorated mimics a black & white photograph. The sole is covered inside with a collage of portraits of influential Latina women to inspire the young Latina in her path. The straps reads: “Stand on the shoulders of  great women”. The front is covered by tiny round mirror pieces and an inscription encourages to “Look in the mirror and see another one”. I believe young women should look at the example of others before them, but also consider themselves worthy of the plans they have made for themselves and of the self development effort they are investing in themselves.

Make sure to attend the opening reception and bid for the piece of art you love! September 26, 6 pm tp 10 pm, Galeria de la Rosa, Rose Marine Theater in Fort Worth.


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